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Bhileag (Newsletter) 10th July 2022

Fisherman’s Mass & Blessing of Boats: will take place today- Sunday 10th July at 2.00pm on Castlebay Pier. We have missed having this wonderful celebration for three years. Let us all come together with our Fishermen and pray for their safety and pray for those blessings to come down upon all their boats and upon all seafarers. Everyone is welcome to come! Also say a prayer for some nice weather!! Let’s all come together and enjoy the lovely celebration of the Fisherman’s Mass and the blessing of the boats.


Sea Sunday: this weekend is also Sea Sunday -when all over the UK many parishes are praying together for all our seafarers. We remember always the good work and hard work of those who make their living working at sea. So much of what we have in our homes is transported by sea. We depend a lot on Seafarers bringing so many goods to our shorelines. Working and living at sea can be very hard and for so many seafarers they come to the UK shoreline need extra support and help. We remember the good work of the Apostleship of the Sea (Stella Maris) and all volunteers working at many different ports -helping people who are far from their home. The second collection today will go towards the Apostleship of the Sea.


Wedding: we remember in our prayers Annie Theresa MacDonald of Rhulios who will marry Roddy Paul MacDonald of  Stoneybridge, South Uist. Annie and Roddy Paul will marry in Our Lady Star of the Sea in Castlebay on Friday 15th July at 2.00pm. We remember them both in our prayers and pray for a lovely day for them and their families.


Canon John Paul: is very grateful to all those who made contact with him when he was recently unwell with Covid-19. Thankfully he is well again and back to his routine. Thanks to all those who dropped off food at the chapel house. Your support and kindness were very much appreciated by Canon John Paul. Moran Taing!



Mon11th July ………..No Mass

Tue 12th July……….10.00am  EOLIGARRY

Wed 13th July …….. 12 Noon CRAIGSTON

Thur 14th July…….10.00am  NORTHBAY

Fri 15th July………..10.00am  VATERSAY

Sat 16th July………..10.00am CASTLEBAY



16th & 17th  July 2022

16th Sunday of Year C

Vigil Mass …….  6.00pm   CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses..9.30am   NORTHBAY & 11.30am  CASTLEBAY