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Bhileag 24th October 2021

Mission Sunday & Special Collection: the Month of October is the special month we pray for the work of those who work in the Missions of the Church. We have many different religious Missionary groups who do so much good work in spreading the Gospel message to the far ends of our World. We normally take up a special collection for the Missio- therefore we will take up a special collection at all Masses this weekend.

A letter will be read by Canon John Paul at all the Masses from Fr. Vincent Lockhart who is the national Director of Missio Scotland. As Fr Vincent highlights in the letter “Missio-the Pontifical Mission Societies- is the Pope’s charity and your charity, to enable all of us in today’s Church to share what we have with one another and particularly to help those who are in need. Among the projects we are asking you to help fund this year are projects for young people in Fiji and also children in Papua New Guinea. Information on the projects can be found in the magazine”.

Please pick up the magazine “We are Mission” which has information on what MISSIO is doing!

You can also use you mobile phone to support Missio- text MISSIOSCOT to 70085 and you can donate £3


November Lists: It’s amazing to think that the month of November is just around the corner. One of the lovely things we can do during the month of November is to pray our faithful departed. The Month of November is often called the Month of the Holy Souls. There are November Lists with envelopes available at the Church entrance. Please write down on the lists the names of any deceased family, relatives, friends or parishioners you would like to remember and pray for. Once you have filled in your list please place the list in the envelope provided along with your offering. These envelopes will then be placed upon the Altar at every holy Mass and those names you have written will be remembered at the Altar of God. Praying for the faithful departed is so precious and important and to pray for all souls (especially those souls who have no one to pray for them) to be forever with God in heaven.


Housebound visits: Canon John Paul is keen to visit the housebound over the next couple of weeks. If anyone would like a visit from Canon John Paul then please let him know. Canon John Paul understands if people are still uncomfortable with visits during these strange Covid times. If you would like a visit then please just get in touch with Canon John Paul.


Sanitising the Church: after every Mass the pews in Church need to be wiped down with Anti-bacterial spray or wipes. If you can help -just remain behind after Mass. Canon John Paul is so grateful to all those who give of their time to help sanitise all our churches on the island. Moran Taing!


Altar Servers: now that the children are back to School we will start getting the children back to Altar serving. Christine will catch up with the children that normally go to Northbay Church and organise a practice and a rota for them for St. Barr’s. There will be a practice next Saturday 31st October at 1pm at Our Lady Star of the Sea for those who wish to serve at Castlebay Church. At 3pm on Saturday 31st October there will be a practice in Craigston Church for those children wishing to serve at the Vigil Mass



Mon 25th October…….No Mass

Tue 26th October…….10.00am  EOLIGARRY

Wed 27th October….. 12 Noon  CRAIGSTON

Thur 28th October……10.00am  NORTHBAY

Fri 29th October…….10.00am VATERSAY

Sat 30th October……10.00am CASTLEBAY



30th & 31st  October  2021

31st  Sunday of Year B

Vigil Mass………  6.00pm   CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses…9.30am    NORTHBAY

                            11.30am  CASTLEBAY