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Bhileag 17th October 2021

Congratulations : last week we had two local weddings on the island. On Thursday 14th October Lorna Campbell  & Martin MacNeil were married in Our Lady of the Waves & St. John on Vatersay. We wish Mr & Mrs MacNeil every health, happiness and blessings. Then on Friday 15th October we had the wedding of Jennifer Campbell & Donnie MacLean in Our Lady Star of the Sea in Castlebay. We wish Mr & Mrs MacLean every health, happiness and blessings.


Next Sunday is Mission Sunday: the Month of October is the special month we pray for the work of those who work in the Missions of the Church. We have many different religious Missionary groups who do so much good work in spreading the Gospel message to the far ends of our World. We normally take up a special collection for the Missions. Therefore next Sunday 24th October we will take up a special collection at all Masses. Also on Mission Sunday there will be a magazine given out called “We are Mission” which has been produced by Missio Scotland to inform us on the good work of Missio.


“The Scottish Catholic” Magazine: Sadly during “Lockdown” last year it was a very difficult year for so many and especially for our Catholic Papers. When the Churches closed last year the Catholic Observer Sunday Paper also stopped- which was so sad as we were so accustomed to hearing local Catholic Church news from around Scotland each week. There is a need for Catholic news and views from around Scotland to be heard and shared and therefore a new magazine has now been produced. The Magazine is called “The Scottish Catholic”. It will not be weekly publication but hopefully every 2 weeks and will cost £2. The first edition is free.


Attending Mass in the Parish: just turn up at the Church and just sign in at the Church Porch with your name & telephone number (for track & trace purposes) and sit anywhere you want in the church.


Sanitising the Church: after every Mass the pews in Church need to be wiped down with Anti-bacterial spray or wipes. If you can help just remain behind after Mass. Canon John Paul is so grateful to all those who give of their time to help sanitise all our churches on the island. Moran Taing!


Sunday collection: please remember that at the moment we keep the collection baskets at the main door of the church and we are encouraged to put something into the basket as we enter the church. If we forget to do that- then we have the opportunity to put something in on the way out. If anyone would still like to give to the parish by standing order- the details are as follows;

RCD Argyll & the Isles Castlebay Mission  Account Number 65627538  Sort Code 839125

RCD Argyll & the Isles Northbay Mission  Account Number  65628061 Sort Code 839125



Mon 18th October…… No Mass

Tue 19th October…..10.00am  EOLIGARRY

Wed 20th October….. 12 Noon  CRAIGSTON

Thur 21st October…..10.00am  NORTHBAY

Fri 22nd October….10.00am VATERSAY

Sat 23rd October…10.00am CASTLEBAY



23rd & 24th  October  2021

30th  Sunday of Year B

Vigil Mass……… .6.00pm CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses……9.30am NORTHBAY

                                11.30am  CASTLEBAY