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Sunday 3rd December 2017

Advent Prayer books: at the church entrance are small Advent prayer books for sale. Priced £1.00. Also there are prayer books for kids.  Advent is all about preparing for the Feast of Christmas. Advent is about going to Mass more often, making a good confession, saying more prayers, reading the scriptures. Let’s make good use of this Advent to prepare ourselves for the beautiful feast of Christmas.


Lapaich:  Fr. John Paul will visit the housebound next week- the week beginning 11th December.


Vatersay Sunday Mass: today is the 1st Sunday of December and also the 1st Sunday of Advent – there will be Mass at 4.00pm in Our Lady of the Waves & St. John on Vatersay.


Parish Dues: about this time of the year “Parish Dues” can be handed in.


Fr. Peter Banyard: will be arriving for his usual visit to Vatersay on Tuesday 19th December. Fr. Peter will help with the Christmas services over on Vatersay.


Fr. John Paul:  will be away on the mainland from Monday to Wednesday. If anyone needs to get in contact with Fr. John Paul- then he can be contacted on his mobile or by email.


Craigston Church Windows: Fr. John Paul last week went to Benbecula to see the 3 new windows for Craigston church. The windows are complete and look really good and solid. Sadly we will have to wait till January for them to be put into the church!


Castlebay Church: As you know Fr. John Paul has been in communication with Architects in regard to looking at various problems with Castlebay Church especially the tower- which has been an age old problem with the church. After all the work that was done to the church 10 years again sadly we still have various problems that need to be addressed. Thankfully HES (Historic Environment Scotland) have been supportive of trying to help us- so the plan is in Spring next year for someone in HES to come and do an investigation in how best to move forward.


Also in regard to Castlebay church- Fr. John Paul recently came across and old back & white photograph of  Castlebay sanctuary-it looks very beautful. Some people have asked could the Tabernacle return back to the centre of the Castlebay Sanctuary. The Tabernacle was moved over to the side of the church quite a number of years ago and was nicely done but Fr. John Paul is wondering if parishioners would like to return the Tabernacle to the centre of the Sanctuary and to have something built to hold the Tabernacle. If the Tabernacle is moved, then the statue of Our Lady star of the sea will be moved to the side Altar. If anyone feels strongly about leaving things as they are could they let Fr. John Paul know-its only being spoken about just now!