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Sunday 18th November 2017

The Month of the Holy Souls: The month of November is the month of the “Holy Souls”. Please take home a “November list” and envelope and on the list please write the names of any deceased family, relatives, friends you would like to remember at the Masses throughout November. Please hand the envelopes to Fr. John Paul.

November Rosary in the Graveyards: an important custom in November is to pray the Rosary for our faithful departed in our graveyards . The Rosary is a very powerful prayer which guides souls from Purgatory to heaven. Our humble earthly prayers are so important so please come along and pray the Rosary for the Holy Souls on ……
Sunday 19th November in EOLIGARRY at 3.00pm;
*Please note that on Sunday 26th November in BORVE the Rosary will be at 2.00pm.

ACROSS Jumbulance: every year the “ACROSS Jumbulance” goes from Glasgow to Lourdes and is a wonderful way for pilgrims to get to Lourdes especially those needing special care. The Jumbulance is a unique, specially designed “coach ambulance” which provides a safe and comfortable transport for pilgrims with disabilities and illnesses. ACROSS provides travel opportunities for groups and individuals. Groups comprise of a team of helpers, including medics and a chaplain taking care of a range of things for the pilgrims. Hughina MacKinnon from Ardmhor regularly travels out with ACROSS to Lourdes and helps the groups with her nursing medical background. Would anyone be interested on the island in going to Lourdes with the Jumbulance next year (maybe about Easter time) If you want more information please contact Hughina on 01871 890351 or email or you can speak with Fr. John Paul who has travelled out once with the Jumbulance for information too. An average cost of the trip would be about £700.00 (which includes everything- transport, 4 star-hotel, all meals, etc).

MARY’S MEALS Appeal: Castlebay School are organising a “Backpack Project” for Mary’s Meals and would appreciate your support. There are leaflets at the church door in what to do for the Project. It’s all about filling a backpack with various useful things for children like, Pencils, pens, crayons, eraser, sharpener, towel, shorts, t-shirt, skirt/dress, flip-flops/sandals, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, spoon. Deadline is 8th December 2017. All backpacks can be handed into Castlebay School.