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Bhileag (Newsletter) 2nd April 2023


Monday 3rd April………10.00am VATERSAY

Tuesday 4th April……… 10.00am EOLIGARRY

Wednesday 5th April….10.00am CRAIGSTON

Holy Thursday 6th April

7.30pm  NORTHBAY      

Mass of Lord’s Last Supper

Good Friday 7th April

3.00pm CASTLEBAY       

The Passion of the Lord & veneration of the Cross

 7.00pm NORTHBAY        

Stations of the Cross & veneration of the Cross

Saturday 8th April……………… No Morning Mass



8th & 9th APRIL  2023


Easter Vigil (Saturday)…8.30pm   CRAIGSTON

Easter Sunday Masses…9.30am   NORTHBAY

                                                  11.30am  CASTLEBAY



Palm Sunday: Today we begin Holy Week with Palm Sunday and of course during the Mass Palms are blessed and we take home our Palms.


Holy Week Masses & Services: Please check the Mass times above. Please note Mass on Monday at 10am in Vatersay and Wednesday at 10am in Craigston. Holy Thursday- the Mass of the Lord’s supper is at 7.30pn in Northbay. On Good Friday the Passion of our Lord will be at 3.00pm in Castlebay. Later at 7pm there will be Stations of the cross and veneration of the Cross in Northbay. The Easter vigil on Saturday will be at the later time of 8.30pm. Easter Sunday 9.30am in Northbay and 11.30am Castlebay. Let us embrace this most important week and receive the blessings and graces of going along to the Holy Week Masses and services.


Good Friday: is a day of fast & abstinence. We refrain from eating meat on Good Friday.


Good Friday Collection: As always there will be a collection uplifted for the “holy places” on Good Friday.


SCIAF Wee Boxes: if you have a SCIAF Box then please hand it in- bring it along on Holy Thursday or Good Friday or whenever you can.


Lenten Devotions: today on Sunday 2nd April (Palm Sunday) there will be Stations of the Cross in St. Brendan’s, Craigston  at 4.00pm.


Church Cleaning: Craigston Church on Wednesday 5th April at 6.30pm. The other churches will be announced by “word of mouth”.


Confession with Fr, Ross: sadly last week Fr. Ross was unable to travel over due to the bad weather. Instead Fr Ross Crichton will travel over on Wednesday (5th April) and will hear confessions from 2pm-2.45pm in Northbay Church and then from 3.30pm-4.15pm in Castlebay.


Holy Week Confessions with Canon John Paul: On Monday after Mass in Vatersay 10.30am-10.45am also from 7pm-7.30pm in Castlebay; On Tuesday after Mass in Eoligarry 10.30am-10.45am.Good Friday from 10am-11am in Castlebay. Holy Saturday 9.30am-10.00am Castlebay and 12noon to 12.30pm in Northbay.


Easter prayer books: there are Easter prayer books with daily meditations and another book with the daily Easter readings. Both are priced £1.


Eoligarry Church Cross: Canon John Paul has been given the large wooden Cross with the figure of the Risen Christ which was previously in the small Chapel in St. Brendan’s Home. Canon John Paul wants to find a new home for the large wooden Cross and he  has decided to place the Cross in Eoligarry Church. We are looking at the possibility of replacing the “Celtic Cross” which is above the Altar with the new large wooden Cross with Risen Christ figure on it? You can let Canon John Paul know your thoughts!


New Gift Aid Envelopes: the new envelopes are available to collect in the church. If anyone would like to sign up for gift aid please speak with Canon John Paul. If you pay tax then you can give your Sunday collection as gift Aid. Just a quick signature and you can take an envelope home with you or you may wish to set up a standing order through your bank account with the parish.


Lourdes Parish Pilgrimage 2024: we are looking at next year of 2024. We are waiting for possible dates and prices. If it is something you might be interested in then let Canon John Paul know.


Tea in Northbay Hall: on the first Sunday of each month there will be tea in Northbay Hall after the 9.30am Northbay Mass. Therefore today!!