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Bhileag 6th March 2022

Special Collection for Ukraine: everyone has been saddened by the invasion of Russia into Ukraine. So many families torn apart by the war which has begun. So many women and children having to become refugees and running to the borders of nearby countries for safety. The men having to stay behind and fight for their country. Very sad times! Already over 1.5million people have fled for safety to other countries. Villages, towns and cities now turned into ruins. So many charities are collecting to help the people of Ukraine. We will take up a second collection today and next week and it will be given to SCIAF and they will transfer the money to CARITAS who are one of the main charities involved in helping the people of Ukraine at this sad time.


Prayers for the people of Ukraine: Pope Francis is very upset with the invasion of Russia into Ukraine. Our Holy Father asks us all to keep praying for peace at this time in Ukraine. Let us use this Lent as we pray each day to offer our own special prayers for the people of Ukraine and to pray for peace. May Our Lady the Queen of peace intercede in our prayers.


The Season of Lent: We have now entered the 40 days of Lent and it is powerful time we walk more closely with our Lord Jesus. Let us start thinking now what we will give up for Lent or what extra we can do for Lent this year.


SCIAF “Wee Boxes”: please pick up your SCIAF box at the church entrance. SCIAF is focusing on Climate change and our fight to look after the world and the climate. SCIAF will also be helping projects in Malawi this year.


Stations of the Cross: on this 1st Sunday of Lent there will be Stations of the Cross at 4.00pm in St. Barr’s Church, Northbay.


Lenten Prayer Books: there are some prayer books available in the church entrance. Lent is a wonderful time to pick up our prayer books and walk closely with our Lord for the next 40 days of Lent.


Sunday Mass Obligation: the obligation for Sunday Mass will begin this weekend with the First Sunday of Lent (6th March). Therefore we are now encouraged to return back to Sunday Mass each Sunday from now on. As the Prophet Joel in the first reading for Ash Wednesday writes “The Lord speaks, come back to me with all your heart, turn to the Lord your God again for he is all tenderness and compassion”.


Sacrament of Confession: Lent is a penitential time when we turn to the mercy and forgiveness of God. Our focus in Lent is on the Cross. The Lord Jesus died on the Cross to take our sins away. It is only through the Sacrament of Confession that our sins are taken away. As St. Padre Pio beautifully said “Confession is the soul’s bath”.



Mon 7th March …….No Mass

Tue 8th March…….10.00am  EOLIGARRY

(& Stations of the Cross)

Wed 9th March …..  12 Noon  CRAIGSTON

Thu 10th March……10.00am  NORTHBAY

Fri 11th March……..10.00am  VATERSAY

(& Stations of the Cross)

Sat 12th March …..10.00am  CASTLEBAY



12th & 13th  MARCH  2022

2nd Sunday of Lent -Year C

Vigil Mass …… 6.00pm CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses….9.30am NORTHBAY

11.30am  CASTLEBAY