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Bhileag 3rd February 2019

Death of Canon Angus J.  MacQueen: we pray for the repose of the soul of Canon Angus who died on Saturday 9th February at the age of 95. Canon Angus for the last few years was resident in St. Brendan’s Home and for these last years has had dementia. This last week Canon Angus was getting tired and needed that peace which our Lord Jesus granted on Saturday morning. Canon Angus spent a huge part of his Priesthood on Barra, as a curate he was in Castlebay, later he was parish Priest of Castlebay and then of course he was parish priest in Northbay parish for many years until he finally retired at the age of 90. He had given nearly 68 years of his life to the priesthood and most of it was on Barra & Vatersay.

The details of Reception, Rosary and Masses are as follows:

Saturday 9th Feb– Reception & Rosary in Our Lady Star of the Sea, Castlebay at 8.00pm

Sunday 10th Feb– Sunday Mass at 11.30am in Our Lady Star of the Sea, Castlebay

Sunday 10th Feb– Reception & Rosary in St. Barr’s, Northbay at 4.00pm

Monday 11th Feb– Funeral  Mass in St. Barr’s, Northbay at 11.00am

Then Canon Angus will be taken to South Uist on Monday 11th February afternoon. His body will be received in St. Michaels in Ardkenneth on Wednesday 13th February at 7pm and then the Requiem Mass will be on Thursday 14th February at 11am. He will then be laid to rest in the graveyard of Iochdar. Fois shiorruidh thoir dha, a Thigherana, agus solus nach dìbir dearrsadh air. Gu’n robh fhois ann a’ sith. Amen.

Reccent Funeral: we were all saddened to hear of the death of Ealasaid MacNeil (Ealasaid na Feannag of Kentangaval) last Sunday 3rd February. Ealasaid had been to the Craigston Vigil Mass last Saturday and when she left the church she took unwell behind the wheel of her car. The Paramedics took her to St. Brendan’s Hospital but on Sunday afternoon she peacefully passed away after receiving the last sacraments of the church. Ealasaid was 65. She had retired from many years working in St. Brendan’s Home. The Requiem Mass of Ealasaid took place on Wednesday 6th February in Our Lady Star of the Sea in Castlebay and thereafter Ealasaid was laid to rest in Cuithir Cemetery. We extend our prayers of love, support and sympathy to Lul, Catherine Lilian, Louise and all relatives & friends at this sad time. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her may she rest in peace. Amen

Lapaich: delayed till next week. The week beginning 18th February.

Eoligarry Vigil Mass: next Saturday 16th Feb there will be the extra Vigil Mass in Eoligarry at 4pm.