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Bhileag 2nd September 2018

Archbishop Oscar Romero Film: this year, on the 14th October, Pope Francis will declare Archbishop Oscar Romero a Saint. There is a lovely Film called “THE CLAIM” which has been produced in regard the life of Archbishop Romero and members from SCIAF will be on the island to show the film. It will be shown in Castlebay School at 7pm on Monday 10th September. Archbishop Romero was Archbishop in El Salvador and he spoke out against poverty, social injustice, assassinations and torture. He stood up for the poor people! On the 24th March 1980 Archbishop Romero was assassinated while celebrating Mass which caused a huge uproar in El Salvador and throughout the World. Now he is on the road to Sainthood and the church will celebrate his canonization on the 14th October 2018 in Rome. Archbishop Romero’s life inspires so many people. So please come along to the showing of “The Claim” on Monday 10th September at 7pm in Castlebay School.

Diocesan Meetings; please note Fr. John Paul and Fr. Emmanuel will be heading to Oban this week for clergy meetings from Tuesday till Friday. They will return on Friday evening’s boat.

Fr. David Stewart: we warmly welcome Fr David to the island. Fr David is becoming a regular visitor now to our islands and we hope he enjoys his short visit with us. Fr. David heads away on Tuesday.

Fr. Ray Armstrong: Fr. Ray will be coming to Barra this week for a few days from Monday 3rd September till Friday7th September. He will stay in Castlebay Chapel house.  We look forward to seeing Fr. Ray and we hope he enjoys his break on the island.

Special Collection: next weekend there will be a 2nd collection for the Sick and Retired Priests of the Diocese. Please be generous in supporting our sick and retired priests.

Pastoral letter in regard Sacrament of Confirmation: please pick up a letter from Bishop Brian in regard the sacrament of Confirmation for children in the Diocese. From now on Confirmation will now be give to the children in P7.

Castlebay Church: Recently we had a visit from an architect and two representatives from “Historic Environment Scotland” who came to look at Castlebay church especially the tower and the gable end of the church. They have written up a report and over the next couple of years they are planning to fund work on the church- which is “Good News”.

Liturgy Works: the Diocesan music/liturgy weekend is on the 28th-30th September in the Conforti Institute in Coatbridge. All welcome.