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Bhileag- 18th February 2018

Sunday Stations of the Cross: an important devotion in Lent is to pray the Stations of the Cross. Today on the 1st Sunday of Lent there will be Stations of the Cross at 3.00pm in Our Lady Star of the Sea. Next Sunday it will be St. Barr’s in Northbay.


Stations of the Cross mid-week: There will be Stations of the Cross immediately after morning Mass on Thursday in Northbay and on Friday in Vatersay. Also there will be Stations of the Cross at 7.30pm on Wednesday after the evening Mass in Craigston.


Craigston Evening Mass: please note there will be an evening Mass at 7.00pm in Craigston during Lent which gives a good opportunity to those who are working to go to Mass mid-week for Lent.


Sacrament of Confession: Lent is a time of seeking God’s mercy and forgiveness through the Sacrament of  Confession. Lent is a time to remind ourselves of the infinite mercy of God. Saturday times of Confession are opposite. But also during this Lent there will be an opportunity on Wednesday from 6.30pm-7.00pm in Craigston. Also an opportunity 20 mins before Mass on Tuesday in Eoligarry, Thursday in Northbay & Friday in Vatersay. Hopefully during Lent we will have visiting Priests -so please make good use of the opportunities this Lent to make a “Good Confession”.


SCIAF Wee Boxes: As part of a Lenten journey of Almsgiving, we help to support our Scottish Catholic charity of SCIAF. Please pick up a “Wee Box” and take it home with you. This year SCIAF will help support families in Cambodia. Please note that for every £1 you give to SCIAF the UK Government will double –which is Good News! All donations have to be received by 8th May!


Rosary:  an important prayer to say during Lent is the Rosary and of course there is special focus on the Sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary. On Tuesday’s after Mass in Eoligarry we will pray the Rosary.


World Day of Prayer: this year the World Day of Prayer will be held in St. Barr’s in Northbay on Friday 2nd March at 7.00pm. After the Service there will be refreshments in the Hall. We are looking for 5 volunteers to help to read the various parts of the service! Any Volunteers? Also looking for donations of some baking on the night! This year the World day of Prayer is written by the Women of Suriname- which is a country in North East South America.


Barra 200 Club: this is the “final call” for renewal of the 200 Club. If you have still to hand in your subscription renewal- please do so as soon as you can either at the Post office or see Mary Sarah.