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Bhileag 16th January 2022

Covid-19 guidelines:  Let us all continue to carry on the good work of keeping on top of Covid-19 by wearing our face masks- keep sanitising our hands-go for our vaccinations. We all have to play our important part on the island of keeping control of this virus.


Scottish Bishops postpone restoration of Sunday Mass obligation: The Catholic Bishops of Scotland recently announced “sadly there has been a serious worsening of the Covid situation and the restoration of the Sunday obligation will be postponed until a more favourable time. We ask everyone to continue to pray for a speedy end to the pandemic and for the good health of you and your loved ones in 2022”.


Synod on Synodality: this year Pope Francis has begun an important process for the Church called “For a Synodal church-Communion, participation & Mission”. Pope Francis explains that the term “Synodal” is from the Greek- meaning “on the road together”. Pope Francis wants the whole church to come together and pray together and journey together and look at ways of building up the church. Every Diocese has been asked to put forward names for co-ordinators from every parish to help in this process. The Coordinators will then work with the main Diocesan representatives who are Fr Danny Convery (parish priest of Roybridge) along with Marianne Lucchesi (a parishioner of Roybridge). Canon John Paul is looking for 2 names –someone from Castlebay Parish and someone from Northbay parish to put forward their name and then Canon John Paul will pass on their details to Fr. Danny Convery. They will coordinate information to the parishes. If anyone can help then please get in contact with Canon John Paul.The focus on the first stage of this Synodal process is listening to the local church. What is the Holy Spirit saying to us in Argyll & the Isles? It is an important time of listening to one another.

For more information on the synod please go


Canon John Paul: plans to head away from Monday to Friday this week to the mainland. He can always be contacted on his mobile (Tel:  07951128475).



Mon 17th January………No Mass

Tue 18th January……….No Mass

Wed 19th January…… No Mass

Thu 20th January……..No Mass

Fri 21st January………..No Mass

Sat 22nd January …….10.00am  CASTLEBAY



22nd & 23rd  JANUARY 2022

3rd Sunday of Year C

Vigil Mass………  6.00pm   CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses…..9.30am   NORTHBAY

11.30am  CASTLEBAY