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Bhileag 14th March 2021

Latest news on Churches to re-open and return of  Public Mass: last Tuesday the Scottish Government announced that Churches could re-open for “communal worship” from Friday 26th March -which is good news. This is a couple of days just before Palm Sunday. Therefore the Churches will be open for Holy Week and we look forward to celebrating Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday in our Churches. Of course there are still restrictions. The capacity is for only 50 people to attend each Mass -which we have been used to here on the island. We also continue to follow the guidelines of wearing a face covering at each Mass, keeping a two metre distance and using hand sanitiser as we enter and leave the church. We are all familiar with the guidelines in how to keep ourselves safe and others. It is good news that the Churches will be open for Holy Week and we look forward  to a lovely Easter in our Churches. Parishioners will once again have to reserve a seat in the church for Mass. Canon John Paul over the next couple of weeks will be organising a plan of how the Holy week Masses will be celebrated.


Happy Mother’s Day: Today is Mothering Sunday- a special day we pray for all Mothers and pray for God to pour his blessings and graces upon all Mothers on this important day. May Our Lady the Queen of heaven pour her motherly love upon all Mothers and guide them always to the love of God.


Canon John Paul Video Clips for Lent: Since the Churches are closed Canon John Paul will produce a video clip for each Sunday of Lent. They can be found on St. Barr’s facebook page or at Littleday Productions on Youtube.


Holy Mass on TV or on-line: please note that next Sunday -the 5th Sunday of Lent ( 21st March) Fr William MacLean of Stornoway parish will celebrate a Mass which will be shown at 12 Noon on BBC Scotland. Also remember that Bishop Brian celebrates Mass each day on-line. Let us do all we can to keep watching Mass until our churches open again at the end of the month.


SCIAF Special collection & “wee box”: normally on the 4th Sunday of Lent we have a SCIAF letter read out to us and then we take up a special collection. We will have to wait until the Churches open in Easter and then have a special collection for SCIAF. If you haven’t picked up a “wee box” please get in contact with Fr. John Paul and he can arrange for one to be sent to you or you can pick one up one at Bùth Bhuidsear. SCIAF depend a lot on their “Wee Box” appeal and all donations to help support their projects. This year SCIAF is helping the people especially the children of South Sudan in Africa. For every £1 given the Government will match it! Visit  for more information.


Stations of the Cross & the Rosary: an important prayer for Lent is the Stations of the Cross. Let us make that time especially on a Friday to pray the Stations of the Cross. If anyone needs a booklet for the Stations please get in contact. Also normally on a Tuesday & Friday we pray the Sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary. Why not use this Lent to pray the Rosary especially on a Tuesday or a Friday and meditate on the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary  1. The Agony of Jesus  in the Garden of  Gethsemane   2. The scourging of Jesus at the pillar   3. The Crowning with thorns   4. The carrying of the Cross   5. The Crucifixion and death of our Lord.


Prayers for the Faithful departed: Please remember those whose anniversaries which occur about now……….. Anne “Mhicheil Ceit” Campbell (Horve),  John “a Bhapp” MacKinnon (Eoligarry);  Thomas McCormick (Nask), Jessie MacNeil (Borve),  Dan Smith (Garrynamonie),  John Denis Ruane  & Catherine Denis Ruane (Co. Mayo),Cursty Galbraith (Skallary),  Donald John MacKinnon (Lochboisdale),  Hughie & Cathie MacNeil (Oban & Barra). Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.


Financial support to the Parish: Since we cannot go to Church just now the parish still needs help financially to keep the Churches going. Maybe you would like to support the parish through a bank transfer. The Parish account details are:

RCD Argyll & the Isles  Castlebay Mission  Account No: 65627538   Sort code: 839125   Coop Bank

RCD Argyll & the Isles  Northbay Mission  Account No:  65628061  Sort Code: 839125  Coop Bank

Any donations to support the Churches on the island are very grateful.

You can also go to the Diocesan Website of Argyll & the isles  (  ) scroll down to the “DONATE” button and go to search for parish and type in Castlebay or Northbay and you will be directed to a “my giving page” for either parish- just fill in the details and the parish will received the donation. Moran Taing!



No Weekday Mass until the end of the month



21st & 22nd  March  2021

5th  Sunday of Lent

Saturday Vigil Masses..No Mass

Sunday Masses………….No Mass