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Bhileag 12th January 2020

Conclusion of Christmastide: today the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord concludes the season of Christmas in the Church. Today the Churches of Castlebay, Craigston and Northbay will be cleaned and cribs and decorations will be packed away for another year. Looking for volunteers to come along and help!!  Castlebay Church and Craigston Church will be cleaned at 3pm!


Lapaich: Fr. John Paul will try and visit the housebound this week. The weather does not look good but Fr. John Paul will try and make his visits. If he can’t make it -he will phone ahead. So on Monday in Glen, Brevig and Castlebay. On Tuesday in Eoligarry & Northbay. On Wednesday in Castlebay, Craigston, Borve and Vatersay. If there is anyone you know who would appreciate a visit from the priest with the Sacraments- please speak with Fr. John Paul.


Castlebay Church Choir: we are always looking for more voices to join the Church choir. All ages are welcome to join the choir. It’s not just Castlebay choir but Craigston and Northbay Choir are always happy to welcome new voices to join them. It’s one of the lovely things to hear at every Holy Mass is the Hymns and Mass parts being sung. If you can help -then please go along and sit with the Choir.


Children’s Liturgy helpers: we are also looking for more names for helpers for the children’s Liturgy. If you would like to help with the children’s Liturgy during the Sunday Mass please speak with Fr. John Paul. Of course if you are going to help you will be asked to fill in forms for “Safeguarding” which is a priority in working with children.


Eoligarry Vigil Mass: next Saturday (18th Jan) the extra Vigil Mass in St. Vincent’s in Eoligarry at 4pm.


Sacrament Classes: The children will soon be preparing for their Sacrament Classes which will take place in the school. The Children will prepare first for their 1st Confession and then they will prepare for their 1st Holy Communion. It is important that the children preparing for the sacraments are coming to Sunday Mass. Fr John Paul encourages all parents to do their best in bringing the children to Sunday Mass.


“The Veil removed” Film: there is lovely 7 minute film online of what happens at every holy Mass. Type The Veil removed into your search engine on your ipad or iphone- it is on Youtube. It’s a powerful short film which opens our minds and eyes and hearts of faith to what truly happens at every Holy Mass!