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Bhileag 12th April 2020

A BHILEAG- THE PARISH NEWSLETTER: since the Churches are now closed the parish newsletter can be picked up from A & C MacLean’s Shop (Bùth Bhuidsear) on the Main Street or to look it up on the parish website-

EASTER SUNDAY MASS ON BBC 1 Scotland: please note that on Easter Sunday there will be Easter Sunday Mass televised from St. Augustine’s Church in Coatbridge at 1.15pm with Fr. Michael Kane. So if you have been struggling to get Mass on the internet please watch this on BBC 1 Scotland on Sunday at 1.15pm.

EASTER CANDLE AT HOME: even though we cannot go along to Mass for Easter Sunday we can still say our own prayers and especially we can light our own “Easter candles” to signify the “the light of Christ”- the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus entering each of our homes. An important part of the Easter Vigil Mass is the lighting of the Paschal Candle (the Easter Candle)- and from that one light we can light our own “Easter candles” in our own homes to unite ourselves with the universal church at this Holy time. Canon John Paul will celebrate his own Easter Vigil at 9pm- as he lights the Paschal Candle you should light your own candle. Simply light your candle and place it in a safe place and say the words “the Light of Christ- thanks be to God” and keep it lit for a while and pray to the Risen Lord to pour his Easter blessings upon you and your families and homes in these strange and difficult times.

SCIAF  “WEE BOXES”: just hold onto your SCIAF “wee boxes” for the moment. The money does not need to be handed in till at lease the 20th May. We will see how the restrictions are going at the end of the month of April and at some point we will try and gather the “wee boxes” together.

TV PROGRAMME “PRIEST SCHOOL”: after the recent Gaelic Programme following Fr. Ronald Campbell to his Ordination to the Priesthood on Benbecula- the same TV company called “Solus” have now produced another TV programme focusing again on those training for the Priesthood- especially in the Scots College in Rome. Tony Kearney who we all know well produces and directs the Programme –he was given special access to the Scots College Seminary in Rome and interviews various Seminarians. The Programme is called “Priest School” and will be shown on Sunday 19th April at 10.15pm on the BBC Scotland. Make sure you put it into the diary or have it ready for recording!

A “HOME ALTAR”: why not  make your own“ Home Altar or a sacred space” in your own home. Have a small table or a small area where you can place a candle, some holy water in a small dish, a Crucifix-maybe your Palm Cross, an image of a holy picture of our Lord Jesus, a statue of our Lady, a Rosary, a bible, or prayer book. Have it all in one area- “a sacred space”- to go to your sacred space and use it as an aid to your prayers.

WATCHING HOLY MASS ON THE TV OR INTERNET: At times like this when we cannot physically go along to Church for Holy Mass we must now use the Digital World. The Catholic channel EWTN is on SKY 588 and is very good. You can also go online and go to “Church services TV” or MCN media.

SUNDAY COLLECTION-  some parishioners have been asking “What about the Sunday Collection- how can I still give my collection?”. The best way forward is through the bank – set up a direct debit with either Castlebay parish or Northbay parish. These are very difficult financial times for everyone and Canon John Paul understands if you cannot give to the church just now.

HAPPY EASTER: Canon John Paul would like to wish you all a very happy and Holy Easter. Of course this Easter Sunday will be very strange as we cannot go along to Church and go to Mass because of the restrictions. Therefore from the comfort of our homes please watch a Mass on the TV on EWTN or on the internet and celebrate Easter in your own household. Easter is a time to celebrate- let us celebrate this day and pray for the blessings of our Lord Jesus to come upon us all. Canon John Paul will remember you all in his Mass on Easter Sunday and will pray for God’s love to guide us all and protect us all at this time. God Bless & Happy Easter! Alleluia! Alleluia!