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Bhileag 10th March 2019

Lapaich: Fr. John Paul will visit the housebound this week on the usual days. Monday & Wednesday around Castlebay, Glen, Brevig, Borve, Vatersay. On Tuesday in Eoligarry & Northbay.

Weekday Mass: an important prayer in Lent is the prayer of the Holy Mass and going to Mass. As well as going to Mass on Sunday why not try to go through the week. Please note for Lent there will be a Mass on Monday morning at 10am in Castlebay. On Wednesday the Mass will be moved to the evening at 7pm in Craigston-which is good for those are work through the day. Also there is always Mass on a Saturday morning at 10am. When we celebrate Mass we celebrate the Passion, death and Resurrection of our Lord.

Eoligarry Vigil  Mass: next Saturday (16th March) there will be a Vigil Mass in Eoligarry at 4.00pm.

Rosary: a particular focus of prayer in Lent is the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary. On Tuesday the Rosary will be prayed in Eoligarry after the morning Mass. We can also say our own private Rosary in our own homes at any time!

Stations of the Cross: today Sunday 10th March there will be Stations of the Cross in Castlebay at 4pm.

On Wednesday at 7.30pm in Craigston (after Mass)  &  On Thursday at 7.00pm in Northbay. Also on Friday at 10.30am in Vatersay (after morning Mass)

Sacrament of Confession: Lent is a good time of seeking God’s mercy and forgiveness and especially making more use of the sacrament of Confession- which is a sacrament of healing- which we all need. On Wednesday from 6.30pm-6.55pm (before Mass) in Craigston. On Thursday from 6.30pm-6.50pm in Northbay (before Stations of the Cross). On Saturday from 9.30am-9.50am in Castlebay. On Saturday from 5.15pm-5.45pm in Craigston. On Sunday from 9.00am-9.15am in Northbay.

Lent Prayer Books: Lent is a good time to say extra prayers and read more spiritual books. Pick up your bible, or your favourite prayer book or a spiritual book or read about the lives of the saints. Look up on the internet Catholic reflections and prayers on Lent. On the internet there is a huge amount of sites to visit for Catholic prayer through Lent.

Old Borve Graveyard: Fr. John Paul will be organising a meeting to discuss the “old Borve graveyard”. If you have an interest in “being hands on” in looking after the future of the Graveyard then think about coming along. A date, time and place of the meeting will be announced soon.