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A’ Bhileag 26th April 2020

A Bhileag- The Parish Newsletter: since the Churches are now closed the parish newsletter can be picked up from A & C MacLean’s Shop (Bùth Bhuidsear) on the Main Street. Also the Bhileag can be found on the parish website-


Recent Death: we remember in our prayers the repose of the soul of Nanag Gillies (Nanag Ailig Dhuibh) of Glen who peacefully passed away at the wonderful age of 96 in St. Brendan’s Hospital on Saturday 25th April. Nanag lived to an amazing age of 96 and in the end our dear sister was tired and she needed that peace which God granted to her. Let us remember Nanag in our prayers and give thanks to God for her precious life. We extend our prayers and love and sympathy to all the family especially to Liz and Ryan and all the relatives and friends and neighbours in Glen. It is planned that Nanag will be laid to rest on Monday 27th April. Fois shiorruidh thoir dhith, a Thighearna agus solus nach dìbir dearrsadh orra. Gu’n robh a fois ann a’ sìth. Amen.


Month of May: this coming Friday the month of May begins. The month of May is a special month of prayer to Our Lady and especially praying the Rosary. At times like this we should be praying our Rosary and asking our Lady to help in these strange times. On our islands we have a great love and devotion for our Lady. On the tallest hill of our island- Heaval -a statue of Our Lady looks down upon our islands. Two of our Churches are named after Our Lady- Our Lady of the Waves on Vatersay and Our Lady Star of the Sea in Castlebay. Pope Francis highlighted early in his Papacy his love of a particular special devotion to our Lady which is in Germany called “Our Lady Untier of knots”. Our Lady is there to help us untie the “difficult knots of our lives” and certainly our world is facing a difficult “knot” with the Coronavirus. Let us pray the Rosary in the month of May to our Lady to keep us strong and to protect our islands and families in these difficult times.


SCIAF  “Wee Boxes”: just hold onto your SCIAF “wee boxes” for the moment. The money does not need to be handed in till at lease the 20th May. We will see how the restrictions are going at the end of the month of April and at some point we will try and gather the “wee boxes” together. If anyone wants to send money directly to SCIAF by cheque – they can send it to- SCIAF, 7 West Nile Street, Glasgow, G1 2PR.


Watching Holy Mass on the TV or Internet: At times like this when we cannot physically go to Church for Holy Mass we must now use the Digital World. The Catholic channel EWTN on SKY 588 is very good. You can also go online and go toChurch services TV” or go to MCN media and we are spoilt for choice for the number of Masses being celebrated live on the internet. As always Bishop Brian is also live-streaming his daily Mass via the Diocesan Website at 10am. Just now Bishop Brian is celebrating a Mass each day for a particular parish and their parish Priest within the Diocese.


Sunday Collection: The best way forward is through the bank – set up a direct debit with either Castlebay parish or Northbay parish- or you can pay any amount which you can afford just now. These are very difficult financial times for everyone and Canon John Paul understands if you cannot give to the church just now. If you wish to put something in either parish bank account- please use one of the following details;

RCD Argyll & the Isles Castlebay Mission   Account no. 65627538    Sort Code 839125    Coop Bank

RCD Argyll & the Isles Northbay Mission    Account no. 65628061    Sort Code 839125   Coop Bank