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Good Friday at Home

Good Friday in our Homes

Since we cannot physically go to our local Church this Good Friday to celebrate the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ and to venerate and kiss the Cross- instead we have to stay in the safety and comfort of our own homes and unite ourselves in a very special way to the Universal Church in these difficult times of restriction.

If you have in your home a “Sacred space/home Altar”- make sure you have a crucifix on it, or your Palm Cross. At 3.00pm join in with reading the Passion yourself or watch the Passion on the TV on the EWTN channel or watch a parish on the internet. Then after the Passion is read kiss the cross, the crucifix in your own home.

This is the most powerful way we can still unite ourselves with the universal church. We are not left out- from the comfort and safety of our own homes we are still a part of the church- we are now a “Domestic Church”- our homes are now the “domestic church” united with the universal church in a very beautiful way in these strange times.

So this Good Friday- at 3.00pm STOP what you are doing! Stop and unite with the rest of the world-read the Passion yourself or watch it and then kiss the Cross in your own home and in that way you are uniting your Cross to the Cross of Christ this Good Friday.