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Bhileag (Newsletter) 5th March 2023

Funeral:  We remember in our prayers the repose of the soul of FLORA MacLEAN (Floraidh Aoidh) of Allasdale who died on Saturday 25th February and the Funeral was on Wednesday 1st March in St. Brendan’s in Craigston. Floraidh for the last 4 months has been in St. Brendan’s Hospital and she passed away aged 91. We extend our prayers of love and sympathy to all Floraidh’s family at this time. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and pet perpetual light shine upon him. May she rest in peace. Amen.


Lenten Devotions: today on Sunday 5th March (2nd Sunday of Lent) there will be Stations of the Cross in St. Brendan’s Craigston at 3.00pm.


Stations of the Cross: Each Wednesday evening at 7pm in Craigston. Also after Mass on Tuesday in Eoligarry &  Friday in Vatersay.


Bishop Brian’s Meetings with the Parish: Sadly the meetings with the Bishop were cancelled last Tuesday. Calmac threw a “spanner in the works” with cancelling the boat last Tuesday. Therefore no boat, no Bishop, no meeting!! The Bishop will look again at his diary and see if there is another time he can come.


Diocesan Consultation Paper on “Led by the Spirit”: Even though the Bishop was unable to have his parish meetings on the island we will carry on with the Consultation phase which is going on around the Diocese. Please pick up the paper entitled “Consultation Phase 1- What is God’s Will for our Diocese? Have a read through the paper with the six sections and write down your own thoughts on the various questions and then we will organise collating the information. The six themes to think about are:-

  1. Universal Call to holiness
  2. Evangelisation
  3. Catecheses-teaching of the faith
  4. Formation of Laity & Clergy
  5. Transparency in Governance
  6. A more welcoming, Open Church


Parish 200 Club: We will restart the parish 200 club now. The annual subscription is £12. There are various ways to give the subscription. Please pass the envelope with £12 to Canon John Paul or to leave the envelope in the Sunday Collection basket or to leave at Buth Buidesar/Top Shop or to leave it with Mary Sarah at 20 St. Brendan’s Road. Sadly over the last couple of years we have lost quite a few names in the Club and we are always looking for new names for the Parish 200 Club. If you wish to join then please see Canon John Paul or contact Mary Sarah (810539). THIS WILL BE THE FINAL CALL FOR NEW NAMES AND FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS!


Lourdes Parish Pilgrimage 2024?: A number of parishioners have approached Canon John Paul to ask about a parish pilgrimage to Lourdes. To give ourselves time and to save up we will look next year to 2024 and look at possible dates and prices. If it is something you might be interested in then let Canon John Paul know and then we can begin to look at all possibilities and especially with numbers who might wish to go.


Tea in Northbay Hall: on the first Sunday of each month there will be tea in Northbay Hall after the 9.30am Northbay Mass. Therefore today on Sunday 5th March! All welcome!


Chrism Mass: will be on Wednesday 29th March at 6.30pm in St. Columba’s Cathedral in Oban. All welcome!



Mon 6th March……….No Mass

Tue 7th March……….10.00am EOLIGARRY

(& Stations of the Cross)

Wed 8th March………12 Noon CRAIGSTON

Thur 9th  March……..10.00am NORTHBAY

Fri 10th March………..10.00am VATERSAY

(& Stations of the Cross)

Sat 11th March……….10.00am CASTLEBAY



11th & 12th March  2023

3rd Sunday of  LENT

Vigil Mass ……. 6.00pm   CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses..9.30amNORTHBAY & 11.30am  CASTLEBAY