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Bhileag 6th May 2018

Holyday of Obligation: this coming Thursday 10th May is Ascension Thursday and is a Holyday of Obligation. A day we are obliged to go to Mass like on a Sunday. The Masses are at- 10am in Northbay; 11.30am in Craigston and 7pm in Castebay.

Lapaich: Fr. John Paul will visit the housebound this coming week. Monday & Wednesday in Castlebay parish. On Tuesday in Eoligarry & Northbay.

The “Rosary on the Coast”: last Sunday we were blessed with a beautiful day of sunshine. The sun shone and a great number of people, young, old and housebound came out for the “Rosary on the Coast” on The Traigh Mhor in Eoligarry. Fr. John Paul wishes to thank everyone who came along but special thanks to all who helped prepare the day and many thanks to all who prepared the Teas and Coffees and Home baking. We will certainly need to do it again!

Gift Aid Numbers: could whoever has envelope number 46 and 89 for Castlebay please speak with Fr. John Paul so that he can update his records. Thanks.

Vatersay Sunday Mass: today there will be Sunday Mass at 4.00pm in Our Lady of the Waves.

SCIAF Collections: During Lent the SCIAF collection for Northbay was £328.05 and the “Wee Boxes” total for Northbay was £331.74. In Castlebay the SCIAF Lent collection was £636.80 and the Wee boxes total was £2034.45. Grand total £3331.04. The parish collections will then be doubled by the UK Government-therefore the Parishes on Barra will have given  £6662.08!!! to SCIAF. Many Thanks.

May Devotions: we will have May Devotions next Sunday (13th May) and it will be at 4.00pm in St. Vincent’s in Eoligarry. The Devotion will be Rosary and Benediction. Of course 13th May has special significance as it was the first day our Lady of Fatima appeared to the 3 Shepherd children.

New Parish Emails: The Diocese has started a new system in regard parish emails. Each parish has been given an email address and therefore if you wish to contact Castlebay Parish or Northbay parish by email please use-  or

New Safeguarding Materials: The Catholic Church in Scotland has published new material in regard to Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. Please pick up a leaflet.