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Bhileag 4th October 2020

Stay Alert and Keep Safe: we have all heard how quickly the Coronavirus moves. Last week on Friday 25th September there were 3 positive COVID-19 cases over on South Uist & Eriskay. A week later there are 35 positive  cases and tests are still going on. The ripple of how far reaching the Coronavirus goes is alarming and of course many more people have to self isolate. South  Uist & Eriskay are neighbouring islands to us and so we need to keep alert and keep safe on our own islands. Therefore we have to keep following the Government guidelines of FACTS even more closely……Face coverings- Avoid crowded places- Clean your hands regularly- Two metre distance -Self  isolate and book a test if you have symptoms.  Even though there are various restrictions it does not affect the Church. The Sunday and Weekday Masses will continue as normal with the various restrictions. Let us do all that we can to follow the guidelines and keep ourselves and our island safe from this virus.


Sunday & Weekday Masses: to attend any Mass you must contact Canon John Paul to see if there is availability at Mass. Please phone, text or email Canon John Paul.  If the weekend Masses are busy you could try and attend Mass through the week. Please try and get in touch with Canon John Paul sooner rather than later about attending Mass.  It makes things easier if there are “household bubbles” who can sit together on a pew. So think about if you can sit with someone and use that space in the church.  As always if you feel uncomfortable about going back to Church just now during this Coronavirus pandemic -then please don’t go. If you have any hesitation the simple answer is to stay at home and continue to watch Mass online. There is no pressure to go.

The Bishops of Scotland have still suspended the Sunday Obligation of going to Mass for the time being.

Face Coverings must be worn at every Mass now. If you have a health condition that prevents you from wearing one, that’s fine. Also those under 5 do not need to wear a covering.

If you feel you have any symptoms of COVID-19– like a new continuous cough; a high fever; loss or change in sense of smell or taste then please DO NOT go to Church- instead stay home & isolate.


First Holy Communions: Canon John Paul has decided to leave things this year and wait till after the New Year to look at First Holy Communions. In light of the recent COVID 19 cases over on South Uist & Eriskay -we have to keep alert and restrict ourselves- keeping ourselves safe in these very strange times. We will soon be entering into the October holidays and then the winter weather begins so we will leave things till after the New Year.


October is the Month of the Rosary: the month of October is the month of the Holy Rosary. Let us pray during this month of October a Holy Rosary each day for our islands and our families and loved ones to be kept safe from the Coronavirus pandemic. Of course we have the lovely Grotto and Rosary Garden in Northbay which is a good place to go and pray our Rosary.


Universe/Catholic Times Sunday Paper:  Canon John Paul thanks those parishioners who have said they will take a copy of the Universe/Catholic times paper. Canon John Paul will bring the papers to each Sunday Mass and they are priced £1.69


Parish financial support: it has been good that our Sunday Masses have resumed and that parishioners are able to give financial support through their Collection. Of course there are many who are not able to go to Mass and maybe they would like to support their parish by setting by a standing order though the bank or to give any donations;

RCD Argyll & the Isles Castlebay Mission     Account No: 65627538     Sort Code 839125    Coop Bank

RCD Argyll & the Isles Northbay Mission      Account No: 65628061    Sort Code 839125    Coop Bank

You can also donate to the parishes by going to the Diocesan Website of Argyll & the Isles- and there is a DONATE button and you can place donations to the parishes there too!



Mon 5th Oct…No Mass                             

Tues 6th Oct…..10am  EOLIGARRY      

Wed 7th Oct…12Noon  CRAIGSTON    

Thur 8th Oct…10am  NORTHBAY    

Fri 9th Oct..10am  VATERSAY       

Sat 10th Oct..No Mass                            



10th  & 11th OCTOBER  2020

28th Sunday of Year A

Saturday Vigil Masses

4pm  &  6pm  CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses

9.30am   NORTHBAY

11.30am  CASTLEBAY