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Bhileag- 4th February 2018

Lapaich: In this first week of February Fr. John Paul will visit the housebound on the usual days. Monday in Castlebay. Tuesday in Eoligarry. Wednesday in Castlebay & Vatersay and on Thursday in Northbay. If there is anyone you know who would like a visit from the Priest with the Sacraments please speak with Fr. John Paul.

Ash Wednesday: is on Wednesday 14th February and therefore the season of Lent begins. The SCIAF “Wee Boxes” have arrived and will be given out next Sunday. Also there will be little prayer books available to help with Lenten reflections given out next Sunday.

Candlemas: the candles recently blessed at Candlemas are at the church entrance. You are welcome to take a candle or candles home with you and if you can leave a donation that would be very much appreciated.

Barra 200 Club: It’s that time of the year again when we renew our subscription to the 200 Club. You can leave your renewal money at the Post office or you can hand it to Mary Sarah. If anyone would like to join the 200 club please speak with Mary Sarah (Tel 810539). Thank you for all your support to the 200 club.

Vatersay Sunday Mass: today is the first Sunday of February and there will be Mass at 4.00pm in Our Lady of the Waves & St. John.

Sign of Peace: we will begin again the custom of shaking hands at the “Sign of Peace” this weekend.

Confirmation Classes: the classes for Castlebay School have begun each Wednesday afternoon. The classes begin at 2.50pm and end at 3.30pm and then the children will catch the last bus home. It is planned that the Confirmations with Bishop Brian will be Saturday 21st April, the Saturday after Easter Holidays. Let us remember all the children who are preparing for the Sacraments this year in our daily prayers.