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Bhileag 26th August 2018

Fr. Peter Banyard’s Funeral: Fr. John Paul attended last Monday (20th August) the Requiem Mass of Fr. Peter. The Church of St. Aloysius is a huge big church and it was full to capacity of mourners. It was a beautiful Mass and Fr. John Paul was asked to read the Gospel. Throughout the Mass there was always mention of Vatersay which was lovely. After the Mass Fr. Peter was laid to rest in St. Kentigern’s Cemetery in the North end of the city in a special plot for Jesuits. At the graveside we had a box of sand all the way from the West beach of Vatersay and it was sprinkled upon the coffin. Fr Peter’s sister Clare has sent her thanks and love to everyone on Vatersay and Barra and to thank everyone who attended the Requiem Mass in Glasgow. She thanks everyone for their love and support at this time.Fr. Peter will always live on in Vatersay in a very special way. Over time we will look at how best to remember Fr. Peter -whether we buy something for the church in his memory.

 Lapaich: the housebound will be visited this week. Monday and Wednesday in Castlebay. Tuesday in Eoligarry & Northbay.

Memorial Service: we heard the sad news that Sheila MacIntosh passed away recently in Rutherglen at the age of 84. Sheila of course was the “ice cream lady” and drove about in her ice cream van. She was originally a teacher and was involved in many island projects. Sheila’s Funeral service will take place on the mainland on Thursday 30th August at Linn Crematorium in Glasgow. A memorial service is planned for Monday 27th August at 7.00pm in Our Lady Star of the Sea in Castlebay. Let us unite in prayer and remember Sheila who did a lot for our islands.

Pastoral letter in regard Sacrament of Confirmation: please pick up a letter from Bishop Brian in regard the sacrament of Confirmation for children in the Diocese. From now on Confirmation will now be give to the children in P7. The children will still receive Holy Communion & First Confession in P4. Therefore there will be a 3 year gap till the next Confirmations.

Fr. David Stewart: will be coming to the island next weekend and will celebrate the weekend Masses. Fr. David has been coming to Barra now for the last 5 years and he is a Jesuit priest too and he was at the requiem Mass for Fr. Peter Banyard.

Fr. Ray Armstrong: Fr. Ray was recently in touch and he hopes to come to Barra for a few days from Monday 3rd September till Friday7th September. He will stay in Castlebay Chapel house.  We look forward to seeing Fr. Ray and we hope he enjoys his break on the island.

Castlebay Church: Last week we had a visit from an architect and two representatives from “Historic Environment Scotland” who came to look at Castlebay church especially the tower and the gable end of the church. They have written up a report and over the next couple of years they are planning to fund work on the church. Fr. John Paul has been waiting “patiently” for the last few years for this to happen- so let’s see if we can move forward.