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Bhileag 19th December

Sacrament of Confession: a lovely gift we can give ourselves for Christmas is the gift of God’s mercy and forgiveness. Fr. Emmanuel will be available to hear Confessions on the following days & times-

Wednesday 19th Dec

2.00pm- 2.45pm Eoligarry

3.00pm– 3.45pm Northbay

Thursday 20th Dec

6.00pm- 6.45pm Craigston

7.00pm- 7.45pm Castlebay

Friday 21st Dec

5.00pm- 6.00pmVatersay

 Please make use of the opportunity to go to Confession this Advent to prepare for the great Feast of Christmas- to let the light of God’s love, peace and mercy come down upon us.  There will be an opportunity after each morning Masses to go to the Sacrament of Confession also.

 Funeral Collections: recently there were two retiring Collections at two Requiem Masses. The Funeral of the late Peggy MacKinnon on 3rd December raised £321.36 for Craigston Church. The Funeral of the late Iain Eosa MacNeil on 4th December raised £369.70 for Vatersay Church. Fr. John Paul wishes to thank the two families for their kindness in supporting the two churches with their collections.

 Church Cleaning: On Tuesday18th December the church of Castlebay will be cleaned and prepared for Christmas at 2pm. Thanks to those who cleaned Vatersay Church last Monday. An announcement (or word of mouth) in regards the cleaning and preparing of the others churches for Christmas will be done over the next few days. If you can help in anyway please come along.

 CraigstonChurch windows: thankfully last week we managed to get three of the new windows into Craigston church- one window in the choir gallery and 2 windows on the gable end of the church on either side of the Altar. It has been a slow progress but we are slowly moving in the right direction.

Diocesan financial Deficit: Please pick up the Diocesan handout and consider yourself the suggested ways in which you can help the Diocese. Basically Bishop Brian is encouraging us to put an extra £1 into the collection each Sunday from now on.