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Bhileag 17th November 2019

Funeral: we remember in our prayers at this sad time the repose of the soul of  MERIAN MacNEIL of Ardveenish, who peacefully passed away on Saturday 16th November at the age of 36. Merian had fought her battle against Cancer for these last 3 years and in the end Merian was tired and needed peace. Merian was a young beautiful woman, she was a mother,  a wife, a daughter, a good friend- she was very much loved by the whole island community. She was a gifted woman who had a heart full of love which she shared with everyone.  Merian will be taken to church on Monday afternoon after 2pm. Then on Tuesday (19th Nov)  the Requiem Mass will be at 11am  in St. Barr’s Church in Northbay. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.


November Lists: The Month of November is the Month of the Holy Souls. It is a very important Month in which we are encouraged to pray for the Holy Souls, to pray for all the faithful departed, praying for all our deceased family, relatives, friends and parishioners. Please take home with you a November List and envelope. Please write down the names of any deceased family you wish to remember and please put an offering in the envelope and please pass on to Fr. John Paul or put into the collection plate or leave upon the Altar. The names that you write down will be remembered at all the masses through the month of November.


Church Dues: are usually handed in about now.


Parish Gift Aid: it has taken a while for each of the Parishes to receive their Gift Aid money this year- thankfully each parish has now received their money. This year Castlebay Parish receives £9,763.22 and Northbay Parish recives £4,499.23. This is a wonderful way for our parishes to receive extra revenue especially through those parishioners who give their Sunday Collection as Gift Aid. If you pay Tax you should be giving your Sunday Collections as Gift Aid. The parish benefits greatly from your Gift Aid!


Recent retiring Collection: Fr. John Paul would like to thank the family of the late Neil Joseph MacLean (TINAN) for the recent Funeral collection which raised £578.09 for the parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea. Moran Taing!


Gaelic Prayer Book & Hymn Book: Fr. Ross over on Eriskay has been busy working away on trying to update a Gaelic Prayer book and also update our Gaelic Hymn Books. He is keen to meet with parishioners from all over the islands who have a good knowledge of their Gaelic prayers and Gaelic Hymns. He is planning to come over to Barra on Thursday 5th December and he will use Northbay Hall to talk about his plans and he is keen to meet parishioners who would like to see Gaelic prayers or hymns included in future Gaelic Prayer/Hymn Books. Time to think!!!!!


Graveyard Rosary: Each Sunday afternoon in November the Rosary will be prayed in each of the graveyards at 3.00pm

Sun 17th Nov- Eoligarry

Sun 24th Nov- Borve

If the weather is poor then the Rosary will be prayed in the nearest church.


Bishop Brian writes: “Safeguarding is a priority for the Catholic Church in Scotland. Building a culture of Safeguarding throughout our diocese demonstrates that our faith is genuine. As your bishop I want to thank you for all that you do in your parish and community to keep our children and vulnerable adults safe. I acknowledge the efforts of our clergy, Parish Coordinators, Parish Volunteers, Diocesan Trainers and those who serve on our Safeguarding Advisory Groups.  In the New Year I will celebrate a Mass in each Deanery to which everyone will be invited, but especially all those involved in Safeguarding. These spiritual gatherings will provide opportunities for us to deepen the bond between prayer and action, to pray for those who have suffered from abuse and to give thanks for all that we are doing to make people safe today”.

The Bishops of Scotland remind us- “All components of the Catholic Church in Scotland, especially those in positions of leadership and responsibility, value the lives, wholeness, safety and well-being of each individual person within God’s purpose for everyone. We seek to uphold the highest safeguarding standards in our relationships with people of all ages who are involved in whatever capacity with the Church and its organisations. And therefore, as a Church community, we accept that it is the responsibility of all of us – ordained, professed, employed and voluntary members – to work together to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from abuse or harm”.